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NGEC Workshop on Genome Engineering

For four consecutive years, from 2008 to 2011, the NGEC supported an annual one-day Workshop on Genome Engineering that was designed to provide a forum for exposure to and discussion of genome engineering concepts, methods, and applications under study in both consortium and non-consortium laboratories. The goals of this workshop were threefold:
  1. Provide the opportunity for the NGEC to hear about genome engineering-related work being carried out by outside investigators
  2. Provide the opportunity for NGEC labs to present genome engineering-related work carried on within the NGEC over the previous year
  3. Provide an exposure to genome engineering concepts, methods, and applications to participants, both local and geographically distant.

The workshops featured keynote addresses by two prominent outside investigators working in the general field of genome engineering, research talks from both NGEC lab members and other attendees and a poster session. With funding for travel awards, the Workshop brought new ideas into the NGEC from all over the United States and world. Similarly, they helped to disseminate the concepts, methods and tools developed by the NGEC to outside investigators.

With funding for the NGEC running out in June 2012, no more workshops are planned. For information on past workshops, please check out the links in the sidebar on the left.

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