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Residential Roofer Exam Guide - The Roofer, Damp & Waterproofer program is designed for those working toward a career in commercial and/or residential roofing. This course provides training in all aspects of roofing, damp and waterproofing from damp proofing of foundations, ponds, bridges and floors, to all types of flat and sloped roofs, such as tile, slate, composite wood, metal tile, modified bitumen, thermoset. Aug 07, 2008  · outside: Time was I wrote and inspected a lot of roof repair on older and on "economy grade" single family. The economy grade buildings often had 3/8 on 24" spaced trusses.. Feb 05, 2018  · Fire sprinkler installation or repair (Separate and distinct classification effective 7/10/2014) For a more comprehensive list of specialty classifications, access the link here.Those written in BOLD require an exam, you can find information on how to contact them about this in the next section. MISSISSIPPI STATE BOARD OF CONTRACTORS.

Use this Dental Assistant resume sample and career guide to help you improve your resume and put you on the path to a successful career.. Feb 05, 2018  · As such, we’ve decided to make the process a bit easier for you through this comprehensive guide. This article provides you with all the necessary information that will guide your journey towards becoming a licensed contractor in Oklahoma.. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics . A certificate program in property management is designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed to manage and maintain residential and.

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